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Tee Siok Hoon-Extended CV

Tee Siok Hoon

Extended CV


  • Highly skilled and dynamic visionary leader with more than 15-years of experience in teaching profession.
  • Dedicated and student-centered professional, possesses a strong commitment to the development of students and the Mandarin team
    • Trustworthy and solid team player with a proven track record in collaborating with the school community and maintaining education excellence.
    • Committed to personal and Mandarin team development by organizing internal trainings through video conferencing on weekly basis
    • Innovative and organized educational professional with more than 15-years of teaching expertise, especially in the field of Mandarin.
    • Creative and talented for facilitating unique teaching strategies to effectively and actively engage all students and foster a fun and fascinating learning environment in Mandarin lesson.



Education qualification:

Graduate Diploma in Education (1996); Major: Chinese Studies

The University of Malaya, Malaysia


Bachelor of Arts, Honours (1995); Major: Chinese Studies

The University of Malaya, Malaysia




Fairview International School                                              Jan 2011- Present

Subject Head of Mandarin Department and Mandarin teacher


Subject Head of Mandarin Department to lead 14 MYP Mandarin teachers and 15 PYP Mandarin teachers in 4 Fairview campuses. Strategy planning to develop Mandarin programmes in PYP, MYP and DP and organise internal trainings to all Mandarin teachers to achieve academic excellent. In the midst of planning to offer PYP which Mandarin will be the medium of instruction. Will be involved in piloting in The Next Chapter project for Language B (Mandarin)



Areas of Teaching Expertise

  • Creative Lesson Planning
  • Creative inquiry-based learning
  • Conceptual understanding planning
  • Assessment and Moderation planning
  • 6 Thinking Hats Approach
  • Student Motivation
  • Classroom Management
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Critical Thinking
  • Differentiation in teaching and learning



  • Successfully developed Language B (Mandarin) programme in MYP and PYP.
  • Backward Mapping and planning the IB Curriculum from the DP to the MYP Language B (Mandarin) and PYP
  • Planning and uploading teaching learning resources on Managebac
  • Significant contribution to develop China market by involving in Exhibition Fair in Shanghai, China and developed promotional materials in Mandarin.
  • Successfully organised MYP Expeditions to China, Indonesia and Malaysia to expose students’ to the world and develop their international-midedness.
  • Attended IB Category 2 MYP Language B workshop in Hong Kong and successfully completed IB online Language B workshop.
  • Represented Fairview International School to attend “Job-Alike in Language B (Mandarin)” in Beijing World Youth Academy.
  • Invited by The Ministry of Education Malaysia to conduct workshop for Mandarin teachers from Chinese Primary Schools and Chinese Secondary Schools in Malaysia.
  • Successfully conducted training to Chinese teachers from Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College




INTI Education Group                                                          Oct 2008-Dec 2009

Group Corporate Communications, Public Relation (in Chinese Division)


Responsible to write press releases and speeches, organize press conferences and events, organised workshops and trainings and working closely with media.

  • Good communication skills to establish and enhance good relationship with media
  • Provided support to Group Marketing Office for marketing events and exhibitions, educational fairs
  • Developed marketing promotional materials in Chinese


Sekolah Seri Cahaya and REAL International School          Jul 2005-Oct 2008

Subject Head of Mandarin Department and Mandarin teacher


Teached Mandarin by using National Curriculum Malaysia in Sekolah Seri Cahaya and IGCSE in REAL International School. Led all Mandarin teachers in primary school and secondary school to maintain high academic quality. Provided academic leadership for continued development of excellence in academic practices.



  • Successfully developed Mandarin programme in IGCSE
  • Strategizing and developing academic collaboration with Sekolah Seri Suria
  • Writing and editing Chinese reference / revision books for PMR and SPM level
  • Establishing Mandarin Department at Sekolah Seri Cahaya (for both primary and secondary schools), and re-engineering the curriculum into 3 different groups (foundation, standard and advanced) to cater students with difference levels of language proficiency.
  • Planning and supervising of the Mandarin curriculum programmes and Mandarin Club (extra-curricular activity).
  • Providing in-house trainings for the continuous development of Mandarin team.
  • Planning and upgrading teaching learning resources.
  • Developing and coordinating International Students Cultural Exchange Programmes, Summer Camp in Korea and Chinese Cultural Camp in China.



Sekolah Menengah Taman Klang Utama                           Jul1996- Jan 2004

Subject Head of Mandarin Department and Mandarin teacher


Responsible to lead Mandarin team in Secondary school. Appointed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia as one of the main trainers for Selangor state, to train all Mandarin teachers in Selangor state to achieve academic excellent. Appointed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia as a committee members to evaluate the quality of the Chinese textbooks in Malaysia.



  • Successfully produced high quality Chinese textbooks in Malaysia
  • Organised trainings for all Mandarin teachers in Selangor state to maintain high quality of teaching


Trainings attended:

  • The IB Category 2 MYP Language B workshop in Hong Kong
  • The IB Category 2 IB online Language B workshop
  • “The Making PYP Happen” workshop
  • “Best Practice Leadership Workshop’
  • “The IB Assessment workshop”
  • “The Area of Interaction” workshop
  • “The Approaches to Learning” workshop
  • “The Design Cycle” workshop

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