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Reflection for Activity 1: Academy writing style


Reflection for Activity 1

By Ms Tee Siok Hoon

After the completion of the activities in this topic, I have learned the components and techniques required to achieve a good academic writing style such as using powerful evidence to support writing, stating opinion without being personal, using formal language and subject specific conventions, writing eloquently and grammatically correct.

The activities are good, helpful and useful with practical exercises, sample answers and provide action points to give a better understanding of the topics.

It enhanced my understanding of academic writing style and more importantly, built my confidence to achieve a good academic writing style. I will also share these thinking and writing techniques that I have learned in this activity with my students especially those who are doing personal projects.

I am able to identify my strength and weaknesses after these activities, for example: I am strong in reading but lacking in critical analysis skills; I always use assertive language instead of tentative language in the writing and I am being too personal when stating my opinions.

I have identified areas for future developments and improvements such as: aim for academic writing style in writing my research reports and dissertations, to enhance reflective thinking skills, critical thinking skills and constructive thinking skills in both my reading and my writing.


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