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Approaches to Learning development form


Approaches to Learning (ATL) Development Students are required to tick which ATL Skills feel they have developed throughout this assessment and or unit of study.

1-Need teacher’s guidance at all times

2-Need minimal teacher’s guidance

3-Work independently

ATL Skills Breakdown Student Teacher
Organisation  1 2 3 1 2 3
Self Management Organising learning materials independently.
Setting and reviewing goals
Time Management Using time effectively in class
Planning & setting own schedule
Working in Groups Taking responsibility
Demonstrating teamwork
Learning to resolve conflicts
Accepting Others Analysing others’ ideas
Respecting others’ points of view
Using ideas critically
Personal Challenges Respecting cultural differences
Negotiating goals and limitations with peers/teachers
Information Literacy
Accessing Information Researching from a variety of resources
Selecting and organising information
Referencing Bibliography
Respecting academic honesty
Literacy Applying literacy skills to accomplish tasks
Informing Others Selecting appropriate communication tools for presentation
Inquiring Questioning and challenging information and arguments; developing guiding questions
Planning Selecting appropriate graphic organisers
Applying knowledge and concepts Logical progression of arguments
Identifying problems Deductive and reasoning, evaluating solutions to problems
Creating solutions Combination of critical and effective strategies
Self Awareness Seeking positive criticism
Reflecting on areas of perceived limitation
Self Evaluation Keeping a journal for self reflection
Make Connections Use knowledge, understanding and skills across subjects to create solutions in unfamiliar situations
Inquire in different contexts Changing the context of inquiry to gain various perspectives.


New Approaches to Learning Form

ATL form 001


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